Through Press Release CP11/2023 of February 8, 2023, the Central Bank of Bolivia announced a new measure, which is presented as an incentive for private sector exports:

The BCB, through Banco Unión, will be able to purchase dollars from the private export sector with an exchange rate that will be more competitive than the average offered by the financial system, within the established official limits. Apart from this, it is announced that the operations will be executed on the day, and in effect, they will be subject to the exemption of the payment of financial commissions.

It is clarified that this is an optional measure, since it is not an obligation for the private export sector to make currency exchanges with the Central Bank of Bolivia.

This measure, although it could be beneficial for the private export sector as announced by the BCB, since the private sector will be able to access a better offer for the sale of foreign currency; It is also evident that an objective of the Central Government with this announcement is the collection of dollars, given the decrease in International Reserves.


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