Through Ministerial Resolution MTEPS No. 264/23 of February 28, 2023, the application of the working day in continuous hours is suspended.

The continuous schedule was established as a measure for the containment of COVID-19, a measure that is suspended as of March 6, 2023, the date from which the working day will be 8 hours in discontinuous hours in the public sector , except for special cases such as the need to safeguard the physical safety of workers who require natural light to provide their services and/or who need this schedule to provide a better service to the community; For this, continuous hours may be requested in accordance with Supreme Decree No. 29197.

For their part, private companies have the power to adapt their activities both in the hours of entry and exit of their workers, according to the nature of their activities, that is, private companies, according to what is more beneficial to carry out their activities, they will be able to decide whether to continue with the continuous schedule or not.

Both public and private companies are obliged to continue complying with the biosafety protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports.

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